Our Philosophy

A Message from Dr.Dave:

I love living things—all living things.  Since I was a kid, I wanted to know how living things work.  Part of figuring out the mystery of the living world involves seeing things that grown-ups think are “gross.”  These gross things are just part of life.  We all have bought raw chicken, and seen (or eaten) the tendons, muscles, and bones.  Learning about the insides of animals is key to understanding how they work.  I don’t shy away from teaching this stuff.  Expect to see videos of real surgeries and handle real dissection specimens.  I have found that children, unspoiled by our society’s ideas of taboo, relate to real information.  I understand that grown ups don’t like to see some of this stuff, so every class is assigned a “grossness factor” from 1 to 10.  The digestion class is Grossness Factor 11.  You have been warned.