Fall 2011

Class handouts

What is a veterinarian? 

Welcome Letter 

Crossword Puzzle Snactivity

Physical Examination 


Questions and Pictures


Email me pictures and questions, or just tell me something you thought about that has to do with our class.  I’ll post them here for the rest of the class to see.


Snack Signup


If you want to sign up for a specific day, email me atDrDave@littlevets.com.  Remember, multiple people can sign up on any particular day.


October 5th
Brigid Brady, Annie Dycus


October 26th
Michael Zitomer


November 2nd


November 9th


November 16th
Michelle Hagger


November 30th


December 7th
Sara Kunofsky


December 14th
Ann Prevost


December 21st




All messages will be emailed out to everyone as well.  This is only a backup.