Gift (Birthday) Experiences

We offer gift experiences for children (or adults) age 7 and older.  This is the perfect birthday gift for the aspiring veterinarian.  Start with a tour of our 20,000 square foot emergency and specialty veterinary hospital.  Learn about x-rays, take some x-rays of your favorite toys.  See our CT scanner, MRI, linear accelerator, blood lab, surgery suites and more.  Then, choose from among the following lessons:

  • Heart and circulation - Learn about the path of blood through the body, dissect a real heart, participate in a live echocardiogram on a live dog

  • Digestive system - Learn how the digestive system works, see some crazy x-rays, and videos of endoscopy.  Then get your hands on a real endoscope and learn how to use it

  • Vet Tools - Learn about some of the tools vets use, and perform some real veterinary tests:  Centrifuge blood to get a red blood cell level, make a blood smear to see real dog and cat blood samples under the microscope, use an ultrasound machine to see inside a real live dog!

  • Surgery - learn about the principles of surgery, learn about surgical tools, see videos of actual veterinary surgeries, and then dress up as a veterinary surgeon and perform your own surgery (on bananas) using real surgical tools and suture!

This experience is for 1 to 15 children, lasts for approximately 2 hours, and does NOT include a party space or food.  We are a working veterinary hospital and do not have the ability to host "parties."

Call for pricing!