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Little Vets on Sesame Street!

Real Vet Hospital
Coming soon to White Plains!  A new concept in Little Veterinary Education.  Classes take place in a REAL emergency veterinary hospital (Veterinary Emergency Group).  Little Vets will have access to the entire hospital and will work through cases just like real veterinarians.  Meet your patient, do a physical examin
ation, problem-solve using the SOAP method, decide which tests and treatments you want to do, then ACTUALLY DO THEM.  Take REAL x-rays.  Perform REAL blood work.  Do surgery in a REAL surgical suite.  Administer REAL treatments using REAL medical equipment.  Space will be limited.  Email for details.

Does your child want to be a veterinarian?

As seen on the CBS Early Show

Explore the world of veterinary medicine with practicing veterinarians.  Learn how veterinarians think and work.  Use real tools and medical equipment as you diagnose and treat your very own “patient”.  Classes are held at BluePea

rl Veterinary Partners, New York City’s premier emergency and 

Click here for location, schedule and to register.  If you have questions about the class, please call us at 832-37

7-5378 or by clicking the link below.

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